As we enter a new season, most fashionistas can agree that mastering transitional dressing ultimately comes down to a few simple styling tricks that can make your wardrobe staples go a much longer way than you had anticipated and if working in fashion teaches you one thing, it is that the tweaks you make to an outfit can instantly transform an entire silhouette.

The Sleeve Roll Rule

Victoria Beckham in midtown New York City (Photo Courtesy of Alo Ceballos/GC Images)

Every fashion insider knows that a sleeved rolled in a traditional manner looks somewhat undone, instead our fashion fairies have been kind enough to gift us with the knowledge of the fashion halfway roll. Simply roll your sleeve up, folding only once, then roll the fold up the arm again stopping right below the sleeve cuff for an undone yet endlessly chic touch.

The Half-in Shirt Tuck

Margaret Zhang

This simple styling trick takes under a second while you get ready in the morning and just so happens to make the half tucked-in front look grown up while showing off your waist all the while the back side that is left out makes this an easy look to pull off at the office.

The Denim Roll

Kate Bosworth

You have been following correctly, styling tweaks can involve the rolling of excess fabric in order to make an existing piece look just that much more tailored. Folding your jeans then folding again so as to allow a peaking hemline, instantly elevates the slouchy fit of boyfriend jeans and perfectly shows off a stunning pair of stilettos; – we have been taking rigorous notes on eye-catching shoes to invest in for the season ahead so we might as well pare those coveted courts back with a perfectly imperfect finish.

ColorsĀ and Texture Play

Micah Gianneli

Tonal dressing is not new on the style horizon, especially since tone-on-tone silhouettes strutted down the catwalks during the SS17 shows, while, elsewhere, we were being reminded that Black will forever be the new Black (think Saint Laurent). While going for a head-to-toe black look is a recurrent theme in fashion, mastering this hue overload is all about incorporating elements of interest to counter-act monotonous ensembles. Play with texture for an ultimately sophisticated look.

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