When it comes to the rules of dressing on a budget, there are typically two rules of thumb every fashion insider swears by. You can train yourself to become more conscious shopper, buying less but shopping for substance (yes, you can!) or getting creative and learning a few styling tricks that can make your pieces go a long way. Effectively combining the two, will see you with timeless pieces as opposed to countless trend-led fashion buys, and let you easily achieve a polished and contemporary look.

Simplicity is Key

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Prioritize elevated wardrobe essentials such as button-up blouses or a sleek pair of crisp pants. Jewel embellishment and intricate detailing is difficult to achieve when compromising on price, instead, streamline the silhouette by opting for clean lines and sleek cuts.

Accessorize Consciously

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Sunglasses and handbags tend to be the pieces that can give your entire look an of-the-moment update. Stick to structured handbags with little hardware and design, whether you are opting for an cross-body style or a tote. For the former, a brighter color is a smart way to give your entire look a well-placed pop of color while when it comes to an everyday bag, simple lines and structure will complete an office look with poise. When it comes to other accessories, do not overdo, a sleek piece of jewelry can dress up an inexpensive dress while too much costume jewelry can quickly cheapen an entire look.

Select the Right Fabrics

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Cotton, tweed and denim can look expensive even if they are not. Particularly applicable to pants, most do not need to be expensive to look it as long as you choose the right fabric and synthetic blends often are a great dupe for silks and chiffon. When it comes to shopping for accessories and footwear on a budget, prioritize faux suede over leather or leather with patent finish as faux suede can easily look upscale even if inexpensive.

Get Your Pieces Fitted

Nina Dobrev at The Hollywood Reporter Power Stylists Dinner (Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue)

We are all guilty of purchasing ill-fitted pieces, but the ultimate way to up the value of any clothing item and consequently your entire look is to make friends with a great tailor. Custom fitting a piece that you did not spend a lot on will instantly make it look more expensive. Bear in mind that simpler garments bought off the rack are more easily tailored and those few stitched can turn a sale item into designer in no time!

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