I’m not the girl who puts makeup on to go to Target. I’m very comfortable with myself, so I don’t feel a need to cover up or hide anything. Even if I have a massive pimple or I ate too much the night before, it’s not the end of the world. I know I’m taking care of myself in the bigger picture.


I always put on perfume if I’m going out at night, but never anything strong or heavy. The new Givenchy Live Irrésistible smells bright and fresh, so it really energizes me. Scent can affect you like that. Lavender oil is supposed to be calming, so I’ll dab a tiny bit under my nose before I go to sleep. I also keep crystals next to my bed, because they’re great for things like boosting immunity and alleviating anxiety. I think all that stuff is magic and can help bring positive energy your way. I also try to meditate every day to help keep me grounded and mindful. In this cell-phone-addicted era, it’s good to take a break, be quiet, and reset. I’m constantly looking for ways to be healthier and happier, to heighten my awareness, and to have compassion—and all that comes through on the outside.

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