The supermodel and business woman has spoken to GLAMOUR about her new clothing collaboration LonDunn + Missguided by Jourdan Dunn, saying: “I want to have the final say, because it’s my name and it’s a representation of me. I don’t want to have my name on it if other people have done all the work.”



On designing a collection for ‘real women’ vs models, Jourdan said: “I don’t really like the term ‘real women’. When you compare ‘real women’ to models, it’s like they are not real, and it’s like, what do you mean? I live on earth. I have breasts, I have a vagina, I am very much real.”



She also recognises that to people looking in, her life seems perfect, but it’s not always the case. But she also has a good attitude to life, telling us: “I have down moments, but I just let them be moments and not drag on. I’m like ‘Be a big girl, get on with it, you’ve got shit to do’.”

Read the Full Interview in the April 2017 Glamour UK Issue. On Newsstands Now and Read the Original Article Here

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