A new year is around the corner and while we have been preoccupied by our New Year’s eve attire, it is also time to look ahead to what 2018 has in store for us, stylishly speaking or in other words, out with the old and in with the new. While there are many micro and major trends that we are already falling in love with, there are others, more saturated fads, that we are ready to bid adieu to in favor of new goodies. Here is your new year fashion manifesto and the lowdown on all the fresh style resolutions we will be adopting in the year ahead!

Thou shalt Invest in a suit

The past couple of seasons have glorified power dressing and have brought about a reinvented vision on how to dress like the lady boss you want to be. In 2018, your suit isn’t only well-tailored, it speaks extensively about who you are. If there is one fashion commandment that we could all abide by in the season ahead, it is to put your individuality first when it comes to dressing. So ask yourself, “How do I want to wear my personality on my blazer sleeve today,” and you will radiate the confidence that your wardrobe projects. Drive all the style points home with classic pinstripe, dress to impress in a fury red suit or combine opposite textures and colors in unexpected (but oh so nicely contrarian) ways!

Thou shalt revisit the oldies

Revisiting trends of decades past have become somewhat of a normality in the fashion lexicon of designers and street style icons alike. Consider your 2018 style dictum something along the lines of ‘I shall embrace a look that is me,” and what better place to learn about the pieces you have consistently loved and that feel of-the-now than at the back of the wardrobe? Your wardrobe being the refection of your inner self, is a great starting point for developing your sense of style inventiveness when mixing old favorites and staples with more modern pieces. Remember those good old fared jeans you love? Rework those with a beret, neck scarf or an asymmetric blouse and there you have it, a fresh styling approach that won’t get old!

Thou shalt practice being a conscious shopper

There are only so many trends that we can appreciate we will be seeing loads of in 2018, but learning how essential it is to allow originality to trump ‘what’s in’ will see you into seasons to come. There is no bigger fashion faux pas than wearing something that doesn’t align with where your opinion stands about a look. Switch up the sartorial norms by embracing navy and black while millennial pink is taking all the street style credit or stick to classic over-the-knee boots in a color other than black if slouchy boots a la Saint Laurent aren’t your thing.

Thou shalt experiment with new season accessories

Nothing punctuates a look quite like out-of-the-box accessories and nothing is more reflective of your  alter-ego then like the jewelry you wear. Luckily, 2018 is a year charged with accessory trends that become the focal (and talking) point on an entire look. We previously wrote on how to wear the beret in a modern and cool way, but you just as effectively complete a look with an artsy statement ear cuff or, get this, a fanny pack. If there is anything we want to master in 2018, it is to stop worrying about looking chaotic or as if clad in a costume if it feels right and proudly rocking the pieces that speak to us most!


Photos Courtesy of Vogue

What are your style commandments this 2018? Let us know below.


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