Whether we are talking first date or a special night out with someone you are going steady with, what to wear on a date is a question that falls into the complex sartorial dilemma book and the syndrome has a name – date wardrobe panic! But before you actually panic, refer to this checklist of tips and apply them to your date night outfit, you’ll be breezing through the date with the same ease that it will take to compliment you on your choices. And speaking of ease, comfort should be your priority! Yes, it may be tempting to wear your newest (perhaps even daring) fashion buy, but you want to 1. avoid wardrobe malfunctions at all costs and 2. instead test it out amongst an audience of fashion-savvy girlfriends next time you’re out for drinks.
Victoria Beckham (Photo Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar)

Choose a color you have been complimented on for wearing or rely on an outfit that has already been a success for a fool-proof styling solution. Whatever you do, don’t try too hard and by this we mean, don’t give it all away quite yet, instead, identify a body asset and focus on showing if off rather than overdoing the skin revealing. More in more when it comes to baring skin, if you opt for a mini hemline, balance its appeal with a long-sleeved fitted, ribbed top or a roll-neck fine knit or if betting on the décolletage or a backless piece, offset with dressier denim and flats!

Gigi Hadid (Photo Courtesy of Elle)

If the date venue calls for something more formal, add something fun to the mix like a statement accessory, pattern insert or cocktail piece of jewelry, keeping the rest of the look laid-back and adding a classic nude heel to elongate the silhouette or black to dress up a pair of jeans – nothing you can’t walk in though! The ultimate goal is to master the effortless way of looking put together as if you had carefully crafted your silhouette and forgotten all about it, play it romantic with a feminine blouse or stick to your staple pieces if that is what you feel most comfortable in. Lastly, the more confident you feel the more it will show and it ultimately, listen to your gut when it comes to getting ready, you want to highlight your features to your advantage not overwhelm them because they make you you!

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