It’s Valentine’s Day, chances are you have at least thought once today about what you are going to wear tonight. If you are anything like us and waited until the last minute to pick out an outfit, here are our carefully concocted styling formulas that
will be sure to not fail you on your romantic outing; – consider it our gift to you!


Photo Courtesy of Zakhas
Play of Colors

If your date has kept the location and general details of their plan under the radar, you will want to ideally be clad in an ensemble that seamlessly integrates into the possible settings. We are tempted to say that an all-black look is a go-to and will always be timeless and chic, but why not flirt with a little bit of color? A dash of rich burgundy will transform your look and illuminate your complexion, consider crimson or raspberry red if you have fairer skin.

Defy Proportions

An off-the shoulder top with ruffle detailing instantly springs into our minds when we visualize a candle-lit dinner for two. Counterbalance the rest of the silhouette with slim fit bottoms that delicately expose the ankles, allowing a classic pair of court heels to lift the entire look. For an edgier twist during your daytime date, opt for a statement skirt with interesting detailing and contrasting ankle boots.

The Not-So Literal Take

Who says a V-day outfit has to be over-the-top girly? For a more laid-back ensemble, pair vintage-inspired denim with a relaxed fit, a satin camisole top and punctuate the look with a pair of statement earrings, relaxed yet sophisticated. Top the whole with a biker jacket for the perfect outfit for your night out, or an oversized cardigan if staying in instead.

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