Award-winning actress and one of Shopaholica’s favorite style icons is the latest cover star to grace the 2018 debut cover of Vogue, which just so happens to make for her fourth cover on the style bible. With a much-anticipated film due to arrive in theaters this February, Lupita Nyong’o was photographed by Mikael Jansson in her cover shoot, styled by fashion director Tonne Goodman.

The Mexican-born actress is shown holding a tree pose, standing up on a paddle board in the middle of a huge body of water, which is an unlikely setting for one clad in a new season embellished Dior jumpsuit and skirt. Inside the issue, she is seen stretching and pulling off some flexibility and coordination exercises, effortlessly in her floral printed Dolce & Gabbana jumpsuit against the same peaceful ocean backdrop. Her interview with writer Alexis Okeowo only comes to reaffirm the actress’ ability to keep it cool under pressure and while she tries to ‘balance’ in the dynamic everyday that her career is associated with.

The pre-interview, conducted during a pole-dancing class that Nyong’o herself suggested, “a decidedly stark change from the mixed-martial-arts training Nyong’o underwent for her role in the movie Black Panther”, notes Okeowo, was followed by a chat in the back seat of a car to yet another photo shoot. The Hollywood superhero also shares her appreciation for her boot camp workout classes alongside the rest of the cast of movie ‘Black Panther’ which is based on a Marvel character which debuted in 1969 and which she plays warrior bodyguard Nakia. Among other things, she discusses her obsession with Game of Thrones as well as shining some light on a few of her upcoming projects in 2018. Her toned physique, minimal makeup and hair, twisted back, despite the overly glamorous attire she was photographed in, not only make for a stunning cover but portray her as the modern muse that she is and provides the much-needed fitness and wellness inspiration that we will be all over post-holiday season.


The January issue of Vogue is on sale now.

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