Browsing the internet in search of the perfect holidays gifts for the people in your life can feel like navigating a giant shopping mall with just your fingertips – it goes without saying that covetable fashion buys are aplenty and what better time to bring that festive theme into your wardrobe than the season of soirees and get-together where you get to dictate your party style rules?

From work functions that call for fun yet pared-back outfits to the ultimate New Year’s eve party, party season does not go without its fair share of fashion cliches. If you too tend to feel like you are having somewhat of a fashion deja vu with the amount of sequins on dresses and skirts alike or at the sight of bedazzled hems and clutches, know that this season calls for pieces that celebrate distinctly feminine silhouettes that permeated through more than one designer collection and elevated accessories to make your look ever-so dazzling.

Grandeur and Opulence

Liu Wenl styled her raw hem skinnies with a simple white tee, an oversized velvet blazer, and bright red pumps for a pop of color.(Photo Courtesy of InStyle Magazine)

Tap into one of this season’s most prominent trend with a velvet ensemble or matching separates. You can add a modern twist to a classic suit be it well-tailored or a little slouchy through luxurious textures elsewhere in the silhouette; think jacquard inserts or multi-dimensional prints, feather-embellished footwear or accessories or a head-turning faux fur stole to finish the look with a bang. End-of-year festivities aren’t the time to shy away from color and texture so embrace lustrous metallics and sequined tops and dresses that will reflect the light beautifully but offset those look-at-me pieces with a cozy, chunky knit or layer at your leisure by taking notes from street-style icons; – chunky-heeled sandals with sheer sparkly socks anyone?

Demure Silhouette

Kourtney Kardashian was all dressed up for a bit of holiday shopping at her local Toys R Us. (Photo Courtesy of InStyle Magazine)

Create a more pared silhouette for those office Christmas parties or family get-togethers that tend to present a sartorial challenge as it is. Counterpoise a novelty sweater (yes, a Christmas sweater) with a stylish pair of wide-legged pants and set the tone at the party by playing on the details. Add luxe finishes like a metallic pair of ankle boots and a stunning pair of earrings that is a guaranteed conversation-starter. The key to mastering this look is to create a spin on your favorite winter classics, so you can swap the pinstriped pants for a statement velvet pair to elevate the look with this opulent texture, your classic silk blouse for a satin number or the black winter coat for a cape. An unbuttoned cape can perfectly layer atop your blazer and adds glam appeal when cinched at the waist if it is a little longer, keeping the silhouette grounded and effortlessly put-together.

Have fun with it!

Zendaya in Ralph Lauren and Louboutin shoes at The Greatest Showman Mexico City premiere.

‘Tis the season to do just that when it comes to getting dressed so embrace pieces that put you into that festive mood before you’ve even clicked the ‘add to cart’ button and get creative by incorporating wardrobe heroes you swear by. Mixing warm tones like a spicy burgundy or brick (cue tonal dressing) to illuminate a pasty complexion and creating a focal point by balancing a luxe texture like satin on top with a more easy-going piece on the bottom.

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