Christmas sweaters stand high up there with food consumption, on the list of things you can’t avoid during the holiday season. You may spot one at work, you may find it is a conversation starter for someone wearing it at a party and you may even come to gift one under the pretext that if there is a time when this feels as relevant as ever, it would be right about now but an ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t have to mean ugly ensemble at your holiday party!
Deck the Halls with Beyonce (Photo Courtesy of Elle)
If you choose a sweater that bears an overload of colors (and most do), a chic way to approach it stylistically would be to bet on black for black makes everything look chicer and hint at a color from the knit in one of your accessories. Many hip fashion retailers are bringing out a new breed of festive sweaters that bear cheeky slogans against an often more neutral base color and some of them truly can resonate with one’s inner fashion self despite being ugly. You can play on a monochromatic look and inject a pop of color for some added holiday spirit.
Tis the Season with Anna Kendrick (Photo Courtesy of Who What Wear)
Speaking of holiday spirit, you may choose to bring the latter to life through a 3D appliqué, actual bells and/or pom poms (all can of course co-exist in the same top) but when you’ve got a whole light installation on your sweater working against you, dress in a way that makes your excessive choice of texture seem deliberate. Pair with leather bottoms, ankle boots and accessorize with multiple rings. Alternatively, you may choose to adopt a preppy approach to the whole look and counterbalance the smiling penguin and his Merry Christmas speech bubble with a smart button-up. Lastly, the golden rule to remember for mastering ugly sweater wearing during festive season is that nothing makes an ugly traditional holiday pattern of snowmen and felt reindeers look better than a red lip.
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